At Kokikai Durango, we engage in rigorous, non-competitive training in a traditional atmosphere structured to push us beyond our self-perceived limitations to foster the development of our correct state and whole human ability.

Kokikai Aikidoself-defense

Uchiwazastriking art

Jōjutsumedium staff art

KenjutsuJapanese sword art

Tantōjutsuknife art

Tanbōjutsushort stick art

Bukitoridefense against weapons

Breathing and meditation practice

Train Hard Correctly



Thomas Holmes, 3rd dan

Dan Cullum, 2nd dan

Skylar Bolton, 1st dan

End the attack before it becomes a fight

Dojo Hours

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

5:30 - 6:30

Please note that during the current pandemic conditions, we are training solely in weapon arts and aspects of Kokikai that allow us to maintain social distancing and safe conditions for all of our students and instructors.