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When one awakens and discovers Ki feeling, the techniques of Kokikai become effortless and incredibly effective, even in the face of seemingly impossible resistance.

– Sensei Shuji Maruyama, Kokikai Founder

Kokikai Aikido uses coordinated mind-body to manipulate balance and redirect the energy of the attack into throws, takedowns, joint locks and pins to end the attack as quickly as possible. Practitioners learn to achieve “maximum effect with minimum effort”. Valuable in all aspects of life, the benefits of regular training enable the realization of advanced defense skills, profound calm, and healthy confidence. 

Kali is a powerful and dynamic Filipino martial art that emphasizes using hands and weapons for striking and grappling through the combination of both offensive and defensive technique.

We use Kokikai and Kali together in a variety of ways that empower us to face aggression confidently. Both martial arts employ highly effective empty hand defense against weapons, modern and traditional.

Kenjutsu is the art of sword combat originally created by the Samurai of feudal Japan over 600 years ago. In our dojo we practice non-sport techniques primarily with a traditional wooden training sword known as a bokken.

Jōjutsu is the art of the “jo”, or short-medium staff, a simple object of approximately 1.25” diameter x 50” long that has evolved into a highly comprehensive and effective weapon for self-defense.

Thomas Holmes, 4th dan

Dan Cullum, 3rd dan

Maximum Effect With Minimum Effort


Train Hard Correctly